Rameeko Women's Retreats

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"Come to YOUR Center"
- Rameeko

Rameeko Offers Spiritual Retreats

Sharing and caring between women of like consciousness.
We do sharing, ritual awareness, writing, creative solutions
for our challenges whatever they may be. It is the raising of our consciousness and empowering ourselves within this consciousness. It is our Knowing, Authenticity, Divine Intelligence, Being Real, Order and Simplicity. I invite you to your knowing - Rameeko.

Retreat Setting

Often held in a pristine location, a quiet place where you are invited to your authenticity, to explore an unexpected inner resource; whether it be God, Sai Baba, Allah, Buddha, Abba, Divine Source, The Beloved, Goddess or whatever suits your muse. I invite you to YOURSELF. Inform your Mind - Knowing Blessings are present within you - Rameeko.

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Wise Women's Groups by Rameeko - JOIN US . . .

Wise Woman Groups will be held weekly for 10 weeks at various locations and times in the county - watch for announcements in the local newspapers and information press. A 10 week group based book by Dr. Jane Claypool " Wise Women Don't Worry, Wise Women Don't sing The Blues" Books available at the first gathering.

For more Wise Women Retreat information Email: cometoyourcenter@yahoo.com

Realize with Real Eyes


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