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Theresa Desmond, Rameeko

Theresa Desmond,
Theresa has been a Holistic Spiritual Healer for 15 years. She is also a certified massage therapist and a Reiki Master, and has studied at the Institute of Theosophy in Ojai, California. Currently, she is a practitioner and studying to become a minister of Religious Science through the Religious Science Center of San Luis Obispo. Driven by her spiritual beliefs that we are whole, healed and complete through realized spiritual mind treatment. Theresa has a calling to be present for you; to creatively serve your needs, she has created a series of women's workshops and retreats offering a wide range of topics. The vision for this community is to nurture and empower individuals to uniquely express the divine.

About the Name: "Rameeko"
"Rameeko" is a blending of two names - "Ram(a)" & "Meeko". "Rama" is a Hindu Avatar of Vishnu."Meeko" is the name of God in the language of the Cree Indian. And so I put the names together and came up with "Rameeko" and to me, it means "Honored One" because it is an honor and a privilege to be in the presence of another's divinity.

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Theresa Desmond, "Rameeko"

A California Native (home grown) Theresa has lived in San Luis Obispo County since 1999. The daughter of migrant farm workers, she was born and educated in Salinas. Her Grandmother, a tremendous role model for Theresa was a "curandera" "I have always had a spiritual calling", says Theresa, adding " On my search I have explored religions of every kind and so have a myriad experience and deep understanding of interdenominational commonality" Spirit Guide, Great Spirit, Aba, Father, Jesus, Sai Baba, Allah, Buddha, Shiva, Brahma, Higher Power. Whatever you call "The One"; She is driven, guided and led upon a path toward spiritual healing, and being of maximum service to others is a part of her philosophy of living. Her philosophy extends herself to be completely present for others and with others, centered on a path of healing and awareness of others and to share love with others is her aim.

She walks a gentle path. Along this path she will join others in consciousness, healing and harmony. We are all, whole, healed and complete; each one of us is an individual expression of THE ONE.

Credentials & Educational Background
Founding Pastor of Gold Coast Center for Spiritual Living 2007
Licensed as a Pastor by Religious Science International 2006
Religious Science Practitioner 2005
Wise Women Practitioner 2005
Doctor of Divinity 2003
Universal Life Church Minister Ordination 2003
Reiki Master Certification 2002
Religions Science Practitioner 1999
Advanced Training Institute - Sage Experience 1996
Santa Barbara College of Oriental Medicine - Shiatsu Certification 1995
Acupressure & Reflexology Certification 1994
Rameeko Holistic Health born Lompoc, CA 1994
Advanced Training Institute Massage Deep Tissue Certificate 1994
Cancer Nurse 1986 - 1996
City of Hope Certification in Pain Management 1994
Therapeutic Touch & Dynamics of Healing 1993
Institute of Theosophy, Ojai, CA 1993
Graduated from Hartnell College Nursing Program - 1986

"You are the Dreamer of this Dream"
"You are Whole"
"You are Healed"
"You are Complete"
"You are True to You"

- Rameeko

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