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Registration Information: (805) 927-2607 or e-mail us at

Classes: 8 Weeks in duration.
Tuition: $140 or $20 / weekly.
Required Text: The Science of Mind - Ernest Holmes (book details).
Other text to be assigned.

SCIENCE OF MIND 101 - The Nature of Being

The Spiritual Path introduces students to the background, history, and beginnings of Science of Mind as well as to a new concept of God. Classes explore how god relates to the individual and how thought creates our personal reality. This course covers the first 60 pages of The Science of Mind, and introduces the steps of spiritual mind treatment, also known as affirmative prayer.

SCIENCE OF MIND 102 - The Nature of Effective Prayer

Spiritual Mind Treatment: The Nature of Effective Prayer is designed to give the student a thorough understanding of the nature and practice of affirmative prayer. SOM 102 incorporates exercises that develop the student's understanding of how to pray effectively for themselves. Participants practice by writing spiritual mind treatments. This course covers pages 63-83 in The Science of Mind.

SCIENCE OF MIND 103 - Building a Healing Consciousness

In Building a Healing Consciousness, students deepen their understanding of effective spiritual mind treatment, and develop a greater understanding of the nature of the creative process in the individual. The student will begin building a healing consciousness through their affirmative prayer work. This course covers pages 111-128 and 163-186 in The Science of Mind.

SCIENCE OF MIND 104 - Principles of Successful Living

In The Principles of Successful Living, students explore the role of consciousness in co-creating his or her own life. developing a positive, life-affirming consciousness is one of the goals of this class. Upon successful completion, participants will have a greater understanding of our place in this spiritual universe and our relation to the one creative source. This course covers pages 266-321 in The Science of Mind.

It is recommended that SOM 100 classes be taken in order. A SOM 100 Certificate of Completion will be issued by RSI upon successful completion of all four classes.

Class location: Pewter Plough Playhouse, 824 Main Street, Cambria CA
If you have any questions, please call (805) 927-2607 or e-mail us at
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