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Science of Mind® Classes

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A New Way of Thinking
It has been said that life is a classroom and we are all students. International Centers for Spiritual Living (RSI), through its member churches, offers you an opportunity to enroll in a series of accredited classes that will empower you to change your life…for good!

In 1926, Dr. Ernest Holmes authored the classic textbook The Science of Mind. The ideas are based on universal principles taught by masters from every age. The premise is simple: we live in a spiritual universe which responds to our deepest thoughts and feelings. In essence, our thinking creates our experience.

If we want to change an experience, we must change our belief system (our way of thinking). We can't expect to change overnight. Because it has taken many years to create our current beliefs, we need a definite system to assist us in this exciting process.

The accredited Science of Mind classes offered by this Church will give you the system and tools needed to absolutely transform your life!

Why Take Classes?
The basic principles we study are profound, but not necessarily easy to embody and practice in our daily lives. Sunday morning is where we hear about our potential, but the classroom is where we experience practical application of the principles.

The ongoing process of regular Science of Mind class attendance is where we begin to embody a true change in our consciousness.

What happens in class?
The dynamics in the Science of Mind classes offer fertile ground for crowing new ideas. Each Science of Mind class takes on an energy of its own which stimulates the individual's mind.

Is there tuition for classes?
Yes. Taking a Science of Mind class requires a commitment of both time and money. The truth is, little can be achieved without commitment. Your financial and emotional investment are important for change.

What will you learn?

.......... * You will learn about your unity with an infinite power for good which you can use.
.......... * You will learn how to apply universal principles in your daily life and get results.
.......... * You will learn the art of positive prayer called Spiritual Mind Treatment
.......... * You will learn the value of daily spiritual disciplines and commitment.
.......... * You will learn that you have found new friends and relationships with your classmates - ............. people who think as you do.
.......... * You will learn you really can create a new life by changing your thinking and beliefs.

What is the value of taking accredited classes?
A certificate of completion is issued at the conclusion of all classes when the attendance and other requirements have been met. After an individual has completed the required and accredited classes, he or she may be eligible to become a licensed Center for Spiritual Living Practitioner or a Minister.

What classes are available?
Science of Mind 100 Series - 32 Weeks
Science of Mind 200 Series - 32 Weeks
Science of Mind 300 Series - Practitioner Training
Science of Mind 400 Series - Ministerial Training

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